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Helping Students Take Responsibility for Their Learning

Helping Students Take Responsibility for Their Learning

                                Karen Hodges   

                                Executive Director, Academic Success


For many reasons our new students come to us unaccustomed to taking responsibility for their learning. Too often they want to be told exactly what will be on the next test when we want them to be able to figure this out for themselves based on what we have emphasized in our lectures and what the main ideas of the correlating textbook material are. During two TFSC lunch presentations on November 18 and 19, I explained what I do to guide freshmen in my Effective College Learning Class into taking responsibility for their own learning:

  1. Predict potential test questions as they review their lecture notes (the Cornell system of note-taking)
  2. Predict potential test questions and write down terms as they study-read textbooks
  3. Help them uderstand the “higher”  level  test items by writing questions that may appear on their next test
  4. Analyze their tests when they are returned after I have graded them.


The accompanying materials illustrate these concepts and may be adapted and used in your classes!

Test Analysis

Predicting Questions with Cornell Note Taking System

Study as You Read Your Textbook


Levels of Test Questions